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Southeast Collegiate League Back, Bigger, Better

The Southeast Collegiate League is back for the 2021 Summer season and beyond. The college league was formed in 2020 in response to the cancellation of summer leagues throughout the US, but has grown significantly into a robust, viable option for college players to play summer ball in the South.

Organized with a franchise model, the leaders of the top amateur baseball organizations in the area joined together to provide a wider range of opportunities for players to enjoy a competitive summer culminating in a Championship event at the end of the season. Teams are now forming in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, north Louisiana, Memphis, Jackson, and Hattiesburg. In a unique partnership, three former major leaguers that head up high powered high school showcase baseball organizations came together to solidify and grow the Southeast Collegiate League. While each organization competes against each other in the highly competitive showcase baseball circuit, they work together to attract players in a common goal of creating a great option for College Summer ball in the South. The addition of Colton Caver, who formed the popular Deep South League last summer in south Mississippi, provides more experience and innovation as the league evolves to a much larger footprint. While most players in 2020 were local, a housing program is under development as players from much further away are discussing the SECL as an option this summer.

Chris Snopek serves as the Director for the state of Mississippi. The founder and CEO of P360 Performance Sports and the SBG Sox Baseball Programs/SSG Sox Softball Program, Snopek was an All-SEC, All-American infielder for Ole Miss. Drafted in the 6th round by the Chicago White Sox, Snopek made his MLB debut in 1995. Snopek played for the White Sox and Red Sox in the major leagues before retiring in 2001. "Cory and 2D have done an amazing job in turning this into a top option for players and I am very excited to work with Jack and Ed this summer, and the addition of Colton Caver and the Deep South League really adds strength," state Snopek when asked about the partnership.

Joining Snopek in directing the southern Mississippi region is Colton Caver. A native of Gulfport, Caver played baseball for East MS CC before transferring to Mississippi College in Jackson to continue his career. A 4-year starter combined, Caver earned All-Conference at EMCC and a division championship. He served as an assistant coach at EMCC after earning his BA degree. A teacher and coach at Gulfport High School, Caver started and operates the MS Rays Showcase teams, and he formed the Deep South College League in 2020. “I thank Chris, Jack and Ed for bringing me in to the SECL. I disbanded the DSCL to join the League because I know that together we will provide a great product and player experience that will match any league in the country”, stated Caver upon signing. Caver will direct the Deep South Division of the SECL.

Jack Cressend heads up the state of Louisiana. The founder and President of the Louisiana Knights (now Knights Knation), Cressend pitched for Tulane University and signed with the Boston Red Sox in the mid-90s. He reached the big leagues with the Minnesota Twins, making his MLB debut in 2000, the first of five seasons pitching in the Major Leagues. “I am looking forward to working with like-minded people who want to grow the game for the betterment of the players”, said Cressend. “It’s an exciting opportunity for the young men who play in the SECL.” He serves as the Director of Louisiana for the SECL, covering the entire state with his network.

Ed Easley serves as the Director for Tennessee. The founder and operator of the Easley Baseball Club in Memphis, Easley was an All-American at Mississippi State University and a 1st round draft pick by the Arizona Diamondbacks. Easley made his MLB with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2015.” I am excited to give players from the Memphis and north Mississippi area an opportunity to come home in the summer and get some reps,” Easley added. “We are looking forward to playing our games at the newly renovated USA Stadium Complex in Millington TN”. Easley has a focus in Memphis and the north Mississippi area to start the development of the state.

2D Sports has partnered with the Southeast Collegiate League, providing a seamless player and team experience for all participants - including registration, venue acquisition and Game Day experience for all teams, players, and fans. CEO Brandon Magierowski added, “2D is excited to be a part of the SECL. The momentum created last year combined with the new state directors should make for some competitive baseball and a great experience for the players this summer, and for years to come.” 2D Sports hosts tournaments for travel teams throughout the southeast, from Texas to Florida in some of the top NCAA, NJCAA and NAIA stadiums. 2D Sports will also provide marketing for the SECL for league, team, and player promotion in all states that the SECL operates.

Instrumental in the creation of the SECL in 2020, Cory Hough returns as the League Commissioner. "I always had a vision that we could grow this to be a serious option for summer college baseball", said Hough, who played collegiately at the University of Cincinnati. "But getting three former major leaguers with a great presence in high school baseball showcase programs to come together and buy into that vision was a dream. 2D Sports pulled that together so we all see the same vision: a high-quality option for all college baseball players in our region."

To learn more about the Southeast Collegiate League visit the SECL Website.

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